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Who I Work With:

Public Organizations

By creating a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem through events, leadership forums and community initiatives your organization can play a leading role in retaining and attracting top talent, which creates a vibrant business community and strong tax base. As an experienced professional in both the public and private sector I serve as a liaison to bring key stakeholders together to foster innovation.


As an organization that relies on public and private funding, efficiency is key for meeting the needs of your funders. By solving societal problems with the tools of an entrepreneur your nonprofit can run more efficiently while making the biggest impact possible.

Private Companies

If your company values entrepreneurial ideas but needs direction on how to foster innovation and motivate employees and staff, I can help implement strategies and initiatives that increase productivity, reduce employee turnover and enables your company to stay ahead of the competition.


Are you ready to take your organization to the next level?


I can help you:

Execute a Plan

As your consultant I can help your organization execute a plan for research-based initiatives that develops entrepreneurship culture, tracks and retains talent and creates jobs.

Facilitate Your Event or Initiative

Managing a new event or initiative can often be a complex, costly and timely. With more than a decade of experience creating and hosting events that promote and strengthen entrepreneurship, I can help execute and manage your next meeting, conference, workshop or initiative so that you can focus on your organization’s needs.

Inspire and Educate Your Organization

I am available to provide keynote speeches, workshops and roundtable discussions to inspire or motivate your organization and to teach key strategies that will bring innovation solutions to your team or community. I also can host workshops on topics such as marketing, social media and business development.


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